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Do you need a manual for an IT course you are teaching, or for use across your organisation? This site contains every manual that Happy Computers has produced for our own courses, in both Word and PDF format, ready for downloading now.

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Each of our manuals is a step-by-step guide, with lots of screen images and a full Table of Contents and Index. We use them throughout our courses, and would encourage you to use them too, on the basis of a simple licence fee. 89% of our students rate them 'useful' or 'very useful', 88% use them after their course, and 38% say they use them 'frequently' or 'all the time'.


The cost of a licence depends on the manual and what sort of organisation you are, and whether you are buying a few copies or a licence for use across your organisation. A small charity will pay less than a business, and a small company pays less than a large one. Manual downloads for use by individuals, state and supplementary schools, or workers for developing world charities are free!

Simply find the manual you want and click on a Full Info link to see the licence cost. Once you have paid the licence, you can copy the manual and use throughout your organisation. About Licensing and Copyright

Upload Your Own Manuals

Initially this site has been populated with the manuals that we use in our own training. But we would love it to contain manuals on all subjects, and from all sorts of people. You have to agree to make your manuals available free for certain uses (it's a trust thing), but your manuals will be available for sale to most users. Our free usage statement

You can even download an existing manual, improve it and upload it again. In that case the licensing income will go to the original author, unless they agree otherwise.